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Kinda had to do it.

Kinda had to do it.


Took forever to make. Hopefully it’s convincing enough.

There will be a whole set of this, but will take a long time. Very very long time.

Run cycle test.

When will you ever stop running, Bruce?

Oh dear what have I done…

Favorite frame, okay I’m done

Push ups. Bobbing around.Okay need to try more new stuffs. 

Push ups. Bobbing around.

Okay need to try more new stuffs. 

Sciencebros gif comic.

Had always wanted to make a gif comic. And I haven’t really drew any decent sciencebros art, hence.

Based on this post here by faygo-cytosis, taken from this lovely ficlet by Bleeding Jazz Gums.

My personal favorite has to be the second last gif.


Didn’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen the video, hence posted a bit later. These are actually much clearer… The whole encoding process kinda screwed the video quality up.

Miss #kayaoceshi the gifs, as requested :)

As for those who can’t view it from youtube, sorry for the trouble, youtube has some copyright rules that I don’t think I comprehend…

but here’s a link: https://vimeo.com/43310758 CLICKY CLICK CLICK

Thank you for the tons and tons of reblogs and likes and follows guys, I never knew a gif I did for fun could have this huge response from you guys. (It’s actually one of my brainless art endevours) Bear in mind that I won’t make a video again anytime soon… I can’t survive on only 4 hours of sleep for so long.

After this I’ll go back into the shadows quietly developing my art again…

But for now enjoy the gifs. If you want to use them, just credit :)

Bonus shawarma scene:

While I’m animating the last few sequences, can you guys lend me a hand on the title of the final video? I’ll admit I’m no wordsmith, I didn’t want to screw up the title like I did on the gif. 

Like Avengers X Bad Romance or something. 

Hit me with your suggestions, now! 

psst, inbox me too