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Books, postcards and stickers for sale!


Booklets are sold at $10 per pop. Limited to 2 books per person.

Stickers are at $1 per piece, limited to 3 pieces per person.

Postcards (4 x 6”) are also at $1 per piece, limited to 3 pieces per person. Tell me which postcard you wish to buy by referring to the picture above.

To purchase, please e-mail fishball96 (at) gmail (dot) com, with the title ‘Drown booklet purchase’. Please attach your mailing/shipping address with your e-mail.

Shipping is a flat rate of $2 throughout ASEAN countries, international countries at $3. Another $1 will be charged with the purchase of an additional booklet. 

Accepting payments through Paypal only.

For Malaysians, you can bank in to me. :)

(I will try to reply inquiries as soon as possible, but do understand that I have a day job…) 

I’ll be mailing them mostly on Saturdays, and it will take a week or two to arrive.

Now hit me with orders!

Regarding DROWN booklet.

First, I have been occupied with real life for the moment, real sorry for not replying your messages soon enough. Thank you you guys for flooding my inbox with inquiries about the booklet! Never expected such responses from you all.

Oh come here.

Let me hug all of you. Let me make you dinner. You made this all worthwhile.

Now, regarding the booklet. I’ll try to answer all of your questions here:

1. Judging by the amount of notes and messages I received (the prototype post is meant to monitor how many books I need to print), I definitely have to print more! 

2. Right now I’m still comparing prices among printers for a better deal. Still debating for the possibility of the booklet having a nice colored cover (The prototype only has brown paper instead.) Rest assured that the booklet price will not rise above $15.

I’m sorry for being so slow at this, but I really want the booklet to look its best for you. :)

3. Hopefully everything can be printed and ready for sale by next month.

4. Yes, I have a paypal account now, you can pay me through paypal.

5. Yes, I will be selling these in Comic Fiesta. (You might have figured where I’m from now… tadaah Malaysia)

6. I will be officially taking orders once the books are done printing! 

7. Setting up a store is harder than I thought. Need more research….

8. I’ll try to ship anywhere I can :) But shipping to U.S will cost a little more though. It’s all over the other side of the globe for me.

9. Currently thinking if I should make a bit of merchandise to go with the booklet… Postcards. Or something. 

THANK YOU for being so patient and so supportive of me, really. I love you all and I mean it. Who would’ve know 2 months ago I was on the verge on giving up art?

Print prototype!

A5 size with 28 pages.

I’m surprised with the printed results, the colors are quite accurate! Used thicker cartridge paper, the colors came out nicely. I can eat the book. *cries tears of joy* (Though there are a few layout errors on my side, still can be fixed…) 

(Temporary) Price: $10 for the book, $2 to $3 for shipping (depends on where I’m shipping to) Hopefully that wasn’t too expensive.

Printing about 50 copies at the moment though. Now fumbling over how to take serious orders. Sorry for being so slow at this gah.

I still can’t get over the fact that I’m getting this printed. Thank you, thank you so much you guys ;____;

For 1st time readers, start reading ‘Drown’ here

Drown. Prologue.

Temporary cover. 

Finally done the prologue. Was wanting to put it up later but due to feelings… Kinda had to. This is the content of my entire little booklet. I’ll take orders once I’m ready, okay? 

For 1st time readers, this is the first installment of Drown. Sorry for the jumpy transitions to put together this story; inspiration hits me at random. Links to later installments are at the bottom. 

P.S: I found a solution to the plot-hole problem. ehehehe.

Click read more for comic.

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Here’s a preview to the prologue that I’m adding to Drown. 

Uh wasn’t very fabulous. Yet. I’ll work on them.

Thank you for the helpful replies you guys gave me for the printing post! And all the likes and reblogs too! You guys make me cry. 

(I’ll answer all the notes you guys sent me asap, gosh you guys are so kind)

Yes I’ll be printing Drown, 24 pages full color. A thin booklet…

No it shouldn’t exceed $10, I think.

Once again, thank you so much, won’t be online much these days, so thanks in advance for following my works!

Drown: Conclusion

Finally ended the story. My head aches… it’s 3am… worth it.

(Will reply to your messages after I catch some sleep yeah? Thanks so much for all the kind messages you guys sent me! God, I’m tearing up.)

For 1st time readers, read prologuetony’s side and bruce’s side before proceeding. And extra donut shop scene.

Click read more for the whole comic.

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Really liked this scene but don’t know where to slot it in. Uploading anyway.
Part of Drown series. Tony  Bruce  conclusion

Really liked this scene but don’t know where to slot it in. Uploading anyway.

Part of Drown series. Tony  Bruce  conclusion

Drown. Tony’s side.

(These are addictive to make.)

Click read more for the whole comic.

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Finally done.

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